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Eco Next One R1234YF AC Service Station - Ecotechnics
Item Number: EEAC830BVW
Price: $7,419.80 *

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Designed for R1234yf refrigerant with integrated gas analyzer to detect the quality of the refrigerant in order to prevent contamination.


·        Automatic 3 stage liquid AC system flushing

·        Status light provides immediate information about the workflow status from a far distance allowing the technicians to monitor the operation while performing different activities

·        Large 5” touch screen display with intuitive and user-friendly interface software

·        Integrated thermal printer conveniently issues a report for customers with the service information

·        Automatic discharge of non-condensable gas purge

·        Hybrid oil Function POE/PAG perform services on all passenger and hybrid vehicles

·        U.S. Vehicle Database included

·        Clear and visible window for vacuum pump oil level check

·        Practical cap for an easy vacuum pump oil refill

·        Long service hoses and two large side pockets for storage

·        Easy access for maintenance

·        Quick setup-up


·        ECO NEXT ONE HFO                        R1234yf refrigerant                 Part Number EEAC830BVW

·        ECO NEXT ONE HYBRID                   R134a refrigerant                    Part Number EEAC820BVW

·        Voltage                                              110V 60 Hz

·        Vacuum pump                                    100 L/min (3,5CFM) mbar

·        Tank scale resolution                         10 gr

·        Working temperature range               11/49 °C

·        Refrigerant tank                                 30 lbs.

·        Hoses                                                 3 meters

·        Display                                               5” color touchscreen

·        Dimension / weight                             18.5” x 20” x 38” / 119 lbs.

·        Leak check in vacuum                        Standard

·        Hybrid oil function (PAG/POE)            Standard

·        Gas analyzer (R1234yf version)         Standard

·        Bottle heater                                       Standard

·        Printer                                                 Standard

·        U.S. Vehicle Database                        Standard

·        Status light                                          Standard

·        Flushing Kit*                                        Optional         

Ecotechnics Flushing Kit - AEK102-N21


*This and all previously purchased flushing kits will function with all AC machines regardless of manufacturer



o   Conway Customer Service

o   1-800-225-5786

Product Specification

USA Requirement Optional
Tool Class R1234YF A/C Machine
Superseded To
Availability Available
Tool Number EEAC830BVW
Auto Ship Number
CANADA Requirement

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